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So all of my regular readers know about and understand the threats of E.M.P. If you do not, or are even slightly unsure, please check out some of my previous posts about E.M.P. for a full explanation. Now many have been wondering, “Is there any defense against this horrible E.M.P. threat?” Well yes, there is. There are ways to save our modern days’ complicated electronics from being decimated by an E.M.P. wave.

How? By something called a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage is a screened metal box, insulated on the inside to prevent any inside objects from touching the electrically conductive outside screen. What happens is that electrical currents, even one as quick, subtle, and high powered as an E.M.P., travel around the box, and not into it. This box is the most powerful and important preparation for E.M.P.

To build a Faraday cage, you must first build a box, preferably out of wood. Make the wooden box big enough to house all of your important backup electronics, and make the box’s wood as close together as you can and seal the wood with wood glue (wood glue is sold in almost every hardware store). Make an opening top lid with hinges. On the outside of this box needs to be continuous metal, meaning that all of the metal must connect when the box is closed. You need to make the metal on the outside of the box either sheet metal or screen metal (like th stuff on screen doors). The military uses screens to build Faraday cages, and this type of metal is preferred. Try to find the screening with the smallest openings in the screen, but other screens will work too.

The screens for the sides of the box need to be cut to the size of the faces of the box. The screens for the top and bottom need to be cut slightly larger, and need to have the corners cut off in squares (so that the screen resembles a plus sign). This is so you can overlap the screen over the sides of the box, ensuring that they are touching.

Place the screen around the wooden box in a manner that when the box is close, ALL of the screen faces touch each other at all points on their edges. Attach the screen to the box by staples or glue, or even better, both. Put the screens for the sides of the box on first. Then fold the the four flaps on the top and bottom (created by cutting the corners off of the top and bottom screens in squares) over the sides of the box. This creates a continuous metal surrounding around the box, and you now have an effective Faraday cage.

E.M.P. Survival Guide, Part II

The first few days are now over. The panic has died down and cities are starting to organize. Martial law may or may not have been declared, but your city is now your domain. Hopefully all of your family members were at home or near home when the electromagnetic pulse strike hit, or you may never see them again. You are starting to eat the rations that you have. Now what? sit and wait? Not by any means. You need to be constantly preparing for the future. Constantly hunting and fishing. Constantly working on something.

If it is summer, it’s time to start preparing for the winter. Start cutting firewood to keep warm and cook with. Hunt to conserve rations. Try to grow your own crops year round. Hopefully you know what grows in your area, or have a guide that tells you what does and how to grow it. Turn your entire yard into a garden filled with fruits and vegetables. trees are too slow to grow unless you already have them grown. If water is scarce, you might have to dig your own well. Remember that those who work hard need more rations than those who don’t. You must remain an effective worker, so you must eat well. Remember to keep entertained somehow. Play board games with others or read books. Entertainment has a major psychological impact in a survival situation that can greatly help you. Do not expend any physical energy unless it is to help prepare (meaning no more working out, along with other things).

When hunting, look for squirrels, rabbits, possums, and raccoons (raccoons are the smartest and hardest to kill) with a .22 rifle. If you can get a deer or any kind of large game such as a bear, you and your family won’t be able to eat all of it without refrigeration, but don’t let any of it go to waste. Share it with your community, with those working hard and to feed their families and help the community. If there are any livestock in your community, breed them, don’t eat them. At least, don’t eat them yet. Grow the number of livestock before eating them.

If your city is smart, it will start a communal supply of food and water and issue out ration cards. Homes should be searched before receiving a ration card, and if any food is found, it will be added to the communal supply. Ration cards should only be taken if you are really in need of food and are dangerously low. Many cities will not issue ration cards, though. In such a case, self sufficiency is key. You MUST hunt, fish, farm, and forage for food. Food is at all of our fingertips, we just have to have the knowledge and skill to get it. Save your stockpiled rations for emergencies, only using them when you are not able to produce your own food.

It’s starting to kick in that you may never receive the commodities we once had ever again. No more central A/C and heat. No more deodorant or smelling good. No more sweets and candies. No more video games, movies, or TV. It’s starting to click inside your head that America is gone, replaced with a shell of  its former self attempting to scratch out a living, to survive. Help may be on its way, but how long until it gets here? It could be months or years even for help to arrive to some parts of America. coastal cities and ports will be the first to receive help from foreign countries and the navy and coast guard that were away at sea and not affected by the electromagnetic pulse wave.

Attempts to rebuild will be slow, and the United States may never be the same as it once was. The chances are, if an E.M.P. hit, it was from an enemy country, a country at war with us. We will be scarred forever from this event. Hopefully the military can keep out invasions from whoever attacked the U.S. with an E.M.P., and if they don’t, we may have a full scale invasion on our hands as well. Without a doubt other countries will come to our aid in battle to help us. We will be victorious one way or the other, somehow.

America has gone silent. You must learn to survive the silence, to accept it. It is the silence and lack of communication that will drive people crazy, not knowing what is going on, who America is fighting, or who is winning. You must think like pioneers, act like pioneers, and work as hard as pioneers of the old American west did. You will certainly smell like them.

How to recognize an E.M.P. Attack

The early days of an E.M.P. attack are the most valuable, so recognizing an attack early is a valuable skill. There are many things that will occur when an E.M.P. strikes, none of which are directly lethal, but all of which will contribute to destroying the America that we love in a matter of seconds. If there is any tension between America and another country, you have your fuel for the fire. Other countries know that in order to destroy America, it takes but two or three nukes, launched into the upper atmosphere over the U.S., and detonated. There is no sound from it. There is no visible flash. The only way to tell is by looking at the environment around you.

First of all, all electricity in your house will be gone. It will seem like a normal power outage. But then, any battery powered electronics you have are also dead, not turning on or giving the slightest hint of working. If your car is not an old model (some few cars from the 80’s, many from the 70’s and anything from the 60’s or below will work) it will not turn on. You may still be able to use some of the battery powered functions such as rolling down the windows, but the car will not start. On top of that, you will not see any plains or helicopters in the air, and you might even see one crash if you live in an area that is heavily flown over. If you live anywhere near a highway or interstate, you can usually hear traffic from your house. that will cease. If you can see the highway, you will see all of the cars roll to a stop. It will be eerily silent. The biggest tell is seeing all of the cars on a highway motionless.

If you see these things, you will know what has happened. You must immediately take action while you can, and save yourself and those you love. Do not discount this warning, reader, as the strike of an E.M.P. is the most eminent of all threats against the U.S.A.

Something strange just happened. Your cell phone, MP3, and household electricity have mysteriously shut off at the same time. You go out to your car and attempt to start it… nothing. Then, a strange nagging hits you that you know what’s going on, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You soon remember it, because you read about it in a blog once.

First we need to discuss a little bit more about what’s going to happen in the first few days of an attack. On day one, everyone will probably just assume the power will be back on in a matter of minutes or by the next day. That means that things will not be frantic, people will not be worried, and stores will probably still be open. That makes the very first day the most valuable day of this scenario. Even if you had stocked up and prepared for this beforehand, this day can be the game changer, possibly the determiner of whether or not you and your family will live or die. You must utilize this first day to the best of your ability.

First and foremost, you need to find a neighbor with an old car that still works. If you can’t find a neighbor with an old car or maybe you don’t even have a neighbor, keep in mind that any simple engine will also work (Like ATV’s, riding lawnmowers, gas powered golf carts, etc.). If you aren’t sure if an engine is simple or not, simple engines will almost always have a gas choke on them. The chances are there is someone around you with some sort of vehicle that works that you can borrow. If you can’t find any motorized transportation, ride a bike or walk, but only if you have to, as the quicker you get to the store, the better. Drive or ride to the nearest store with every bit of cash you can find, right down to pennies. Only cash; no checks, credit or debit cards, or gift cards. Cash is the only thing that a store will accept because all of the registers will be down. Don’t worry about conserving your cash, as it will be useless in only a few days, but the stores will not know this at this point. ALL OF THIS CASH NEEDS TO BE SPENT.

Water is a top priority if you don’t live by an accessible source of water (gravity fed water pump, a hand pump, or some kind of water source nearby like a lake, river, or pool). Get water if you need it, but the problem with getting water is that it is bulky and heavy, so this is best if you have a working car. If you have a working car, you can obviously get much larger amounts of things piled into it, so getting a working car on the first day is a top priority. Buy long lasting food, like cans or dried goods. Large packages of dried rice and beans are the cheapest, and rice and beans together are the “perfect protein”. You could live on them for prolonged periods of time, and they last for a good 10 years before they go bad.  If you have the time, ability and cash, it is also highly recommended that you buy IODIZED salt and food for any household pets. Iodine is an important nutrient that most Americans already don’t get enough of and it can be used to purify and clean things and as a hunting lure (because deer love salt [thanks for the info mizztanya]). Get the food for your pets to prolong their life and not tempt you to feed them some of your own rations. Having a pet is a great comfort in a time a survival and losing a pet is just another blow to the face in a crisis, so try to keep them alive.

After gathering all the food you can, it is time to go to a sporting goods store if you have one nearby. Wal-Mart has a sufficient sporting goods section to work so if you can just make one stop at a Wal-Mart or similar supermarket, that is preferable. At the sporting goods store or section, pick up ammunition for any guns you have (you had better hope you have a gun, at least a .22). The ammunitions are prioritized from first to last, the last ammunition to buy being the least important. Make sure you get enough of the first munitions before you buy ammunition from lower priorities. At the top priority is .22 ammunition. If you have a .22, get the most ammunition for that. Many stores sell them by the 500 round boxes, so pick up a couple of those big boxes as they can provide a steady income of food through small animals. Next, get shotgun shells if you have a shotgun. A shotgun can hit a small moving target, so they make hunting a lot easier and expand what you can hunt. When buying shotgun shells, buy all or mostly bird shot, and maybe a box or two of buckshot for hunting large animals or defending your home. Next, buy bullets for any rifles you have, or maybe a bunch of ammunition for your best rifle. At the bottom of the list is handgun ammunition. Handguns are very limited in what they can do hunting wise. Your top priority with ammunition is to feed yourself and those you love.

Next stop is to the pharmacy (again, many Wal-Marts and other supermarkets have pharmacies also, and one stop is better than multiple stops). You will need some basic first aid supplies, and some more advanced first aid supplies if you are a nurse or doctor. Antibiotics are a high priority, as even the smallest of cuts can get infected without proper care. Antibiotics also cure a number of things, so if at all possible, get some. If you require any medications, get them here and get as many as possible. Unless you stocked up beforehand, you WILL run out before more medications start coming in. To be blunt, Almost all diabetics will die. Insulin for diabetics must be kept at exactly at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The shelf life is halved with each 10 degree variation. Try to slowly wean yourself off of any medication you take regularly. Stopping cold turkey will result in a withdrawal, which you do not want.

Batteries are also very important to get. Flashlights will be your only source of light, and if any of your electronics do survive, there will be no plugging them into the wall. While in the sporting goods section, look for camping items. These items can be huge blessings to whoever gets them. If you can find some good shoes, meant for walking long distances, get some for everyone in your house. Some common camping items that can help you are:

-Waterproof matches

-A gas powered stove with plenty of extra gas (usually small propane cylinders)

-A gas powered heater that runs on the same fuel as the stove with even more extra gas

-A hatchet for cutting wood (preferably one that can also be used as a hammer and nail puller)

-Emergency blankets (usually come in small pouches and are silver)

-Hand warmers (the kind in the packet)

-Starter logs for burning wood fires

-A battery powered lantern

-a crank powered radio

The crank powered radio would easily be destroyed by an E.M.P. blast, but there may be a way around it for small electronics such as this. It is said that if you wrap things in multiple layers of tin foil (a LOT of layers) that it hardens things against E.M.P. While this may be true, do not rely on it, as it has not been tested full scale. In case this does work though, it would be wise to wrap some walkie talkies in many, many layers of tin foil. Communication is the most valuable thing in an E.M.P. scenario.

If you fully take advantage of Day 1, and you prepared ahead of time, you will be better off than anyone else in your town in the days to come, Which brings us to the next subject: the town you live in. Your town will be your government. In the event of an E.M.P., Martial Law will be declared in a matter of days. Towns will be the centers of life, and the chances are, you won’t travel out of your town much. The smaller the town you live in, the better off you will be. Rural farming communities are the best off, as they will be able to provide their own food and water easily. Cities such as New York will be massively chaotic and will starve in a matter of days. If you live in a large city, and an E.M.P. strikes, EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. Take whatever you need, go to the store if you have to, and GET OUT OF THERE. cities such as New York are built to rely on our highly intricate web civilization. these cities do not produce enough to sustain their occupants. Rural farming communities can sustain more than their occupancy though, and are ideal hubs of survival in any disaster, but especially an E.M.P.

Day 2 of an E.M.P. strike can also be valuable. Organize what you have and help others get organized too. After you are set and ready, help others in your community understand what is going on, but do so without causing a panic. Tell others what they need to do to get ready, and start finding people with valuable skills, such as nurses and doctors, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, dentists, skilled hunters and fisherman, gunsmiths, and even some military or ex-military types that can serve as community guards. Skills like these can make a community sink or float in an E.M.P. scenario.

On Day 3 people are going to start figuring out what is going on. People will realize that the power isn’t coming on, and there might be a huge rush on the stores. Widespread looting will occur, and people just might be willing to hurt you for supplies. Do not leave your house if you suspect panic, and just hope and pray that you got enough supplies to last you for at least a little while because there will be nothing left after the looting occurs. The days timeline here are approximated and will vary according to your city and the people who live in it, but what will happen in these days if an E.M.P. strike hits America is very real and very likely to occur.

Items may be added to this list at later times. Be sure to check back for future add-ons.

Necessities and Consumables

-food supply for a year (including food for any livestock or house animals)

-water supply for three months, one gallon per person per day, for washing and cooking as well as drinking

-gasoline for all vehicles that would still work and for the gas powered electrical generator

-large quantities of iodized salt

-large quantities of chlorine tablets and bleach for purifying water

-batteries for any electronics that may still work

-a year supply of bar soap and shampoo (if you are dirty for too long you can catch/spread disease)

-a tooth brush and as much toothpaste as you can get


-an ax with a strong handle (not wooden)

-a hammer and nails

-hand saw

-lumber for various repairs and home defense needs (trees will also work, sorry tree huggers)

-multiple cheap flashlights

-one good flashlight (such as a Mag-lite or Mag-LED)

-if possible, an old radio that uses vacuum tubes and batteries

-multiple lighters

-gas/dynamo powered electrical generators (do NOT leave these plugged in)


-small handgun (preferred .45 caliber)

-shotgun (12 or 20 gauge)

-bolt action or semi-automatic rifle with a scope (preferred .223 for semi-auto or 30-06 for bolt action)

-as much ammunition for each weapon as you can get

-a knife with a 6-8 inch blade with a belt sheath

-a bow or crossbow with reusable arrows or bolts


-if you can afford it, an All terrain vehicle that seats four people and has room for storage, like a small truck bed in the back

-a pretty good amount of cash, not only for the initial start of an E.M.P. attack, but also in case the currency does survive

-Little Debbie and Hostess sweets, more specifically, the Twinkie (don’t forget, they still have an expiration date, it’s just considerably longer than most food products). Only obtain if you have enough toothpaste.

-energy drinks, there will be some points where the carbohydrates and other forms of energy could save your life. they tend to dehydrate you so only obtain if you have enough water.

Medical Equipment and Medicine

-rubbing alchohol

-sterile gauze pads (4×4)

-medical tape

-gauze wrap

-antiseptic spray and Neosporin

-a large amount of antibiotics

-an even larger amount of ibuprofen and aspirin

-band-aids, small and large

-sterile rubber gloves

-butterfly sutures

-ankle, elbow, and knee braces

-over-the-counter flu medicine

-cough syrup

-any kind of cream or ointment for burns

This is a great example of what an E.M.P. attack would do on a national level. This video uses a real small scale E.M.P. blast without using a nuclear bomb. Please click the link below to watch it, or if it doesn’t appear as a click-able link, copy and paste the link into your URL bar

Do you have the desire to live?  To keep your family and friends alive? As for any disaster, preparation is the key to survival in the event of a national E.M.P. It would only take about two or three nukes to cause a national E.M.P. across the United States. All it takes is one crazy terrorist to get his hands on just a few nukes, or just one 3rd world country to cross the line (such as North Korea) In this case, help would not arrive for very long amounts of time. People living on the coasts would receive help sooner than those living in the inner U.S.  Those living in the inner U.S. will not receive help for a year, maybe more. In such a scenario, long-term survival is a must. There is a list of things necessary to your survival for material preparations for an E.M.P. attack that must take place. They will be posted in the next blog. Above is a drawing of an airborne nuclear weapons blast from militaryphotos.net. Though a bit unrealistic, it does prove a rigid point about the severity of the situation. Nuclear weapons detonated in space would hardly be detectable by the unaided human senses, yet so devastating.

Do you know what an electromagnetic pulse (E.M.P.) is? Many people have heard about it or seen it in a movie or video game, but how many people actually know what it is? E.M.P. is an electrical wave that is generated by a nuclear blast. It has a minuscule effect from a nuclear blast on the ground, but when a nuke is launched into space, the electromagnetic pulse magnifies by going through the ionosphere, which is a layer of the earth’s atmosphere. It is undetectable by humans, yet extremely catastrophic to people, especially in 1st world countries (like the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and so on).  The electrical wave cannot be felt, seen, or heard. What it does, though, is destroy electronics from the inside out. The wave gives any computerized microchip a surge of over one million times what it was meant to take. There are a few electronics that would still work, such as electronics from the 1960s and below, and modern flashlights or simple electrical motors. A good way to tell if the electronic would be fried is to look inside it; Does it have a green circuit board? If you can’t see inside of it, you could still probably tell. The electronics that will still work will either be massively bulky (due to the use of vacuum tubes instead of a circuit board) or very simple, like a flashlight. It will also destroy anything that is plugged into a wall outlet, whether it is a simple electronic or not, because of the E.M.P.’s ability to travel through power lines. When an E.M.P. wave hits a power line, it magnifies itself when traveling through the line, effectively frying everything it touches… even a toaster. One of the most threatening parts, is the E.M.P.’s ability to destroy all forms of modern transportation. Cars, planes, and boats from the 1970s and below should still work, but that’s about it. In a modern-day world, old is bad. Many people in the U.S. do not own a vehicle from that time period. Now, with this in mind, imagine life with no modern electronics. We would be back in the middle ages. It may not seem like it, but the casualties in the United Stated would be devastating. Only about 10% of the American population would survive. This series of posts about E.M.P. is designed to help you be in that 10%.